SEV-certified 19-inch power distribution unit  assortment 

SEV-certified 19-inch power strip assortment TÜV Rheinland electro suisse

Schneikel Electronics GmbH are the specialists for 19-inch power distribution units (PDUs) and 19-inch server and network racks near Zürich, Switzerland.

We are your competent partner for all questions in 19-inch technology and power strips for IT infrastructures and data centers.

Schneikel Electronics GmbH

Since 1997, Schneikel Electronics GmbH has been dealing with 19 " rack solutions and reconnectable power strips for data centers and IT infrastructures and has been able to position itself as a partner in well-known, national and international companies.


At the company headquarters in Geroldswil, a large number of 19 "network and 19" server cabinets as well as a comprehensive standard assortment of socket strips are kept in stock. Schneikel is characterized not only by a high availability of products, but also by its own delivery and assembly service.


The range of services includes not only professional advice but also an online shop.

Since 2011, the company Schneikel Electronics GmbH is a member of the SEV - Association for Electrical, Energy and Information Technology (electrosuisse) - and thus underscores its commitment to the industry. The 19-inch power strip assortment has been certified by the SEV according to IEC60884-1 - Electrosuisse CERTIFEL CoC SEV / type testing with assurance of conformity by production surveillance. In addition, the Swiss Federal Electricity Inspectorate (ESTI) granted the approval for the marking with S +.


The extensive 19-inch power strip range, which is suitable for vertical and horizontal mounting, includes in addition to the Swiss socket outlets T13 and T23 also IEC socket strips with C13 and C19, with different types of connectors, such as T12, T23, C14 and C20 , The power strips with LS (MCB), LS / FI (RCBO), on / off switches, indicator lamps, overvoltage protection and mains filters are fitted.

The Schneikel Electronics GmbH is proud to offer a high-quality and SEV-certified 19-inch socket strip assortment with the approval of the Swiss Federal Current Inspectorate.


One of the great strengths of Schneikel Electronics GmbH, in addition to cost-effective 19 "standard strips and 19" network cabinets, is to be able to offer customer-specific solutions for socket strips and network cabinets at short notice. Therefore, customer-specific 19-inch socket strips are produced at the Geroldswil location and 19 "network and data cabinets are assembled according to customer requirements.


It is our goal to be the qualified partner for 19 "cabinet systems and 19" power strips, which are characterized by high quality products at economical prices but also by flexibility and dynamics.



Schneikel product lines

19" Netzwerkschränke  19" Serverschränke  Datencenter-Lösungen  Cold / Hot Aisle  Lüftersysteme  Zubehör

The server and network platform. Convenient access from all sides, there are no corner posts. Elegant and attractive design.

19"- Netzwerkschrank Serverschrank

Very stable, removable and robust steel construction. 19 "- server and network cabinet for every budget.

19“ Akustikschränke Büro + Studio Rack mit Schallschutz

The 19 "cabinet system with soundproofing for use in office environments, Conference rooms etc.

The power strip program

for data centers and network applications.

All strips also halogen-free. PDU T13, PDU T23, PDU C13, PDU C19

19" steckdosenleisten pdus für Rechenzentren und Netzwekapplikationen
Individually configured power strip (PDU) for installation or mounting on tabletops.

Individually configured power strips

(PDU) for installation or mounting on tabletops.

Mini patch boxes RJ45 and Quick Plug STP / UTP 4/8/12 port

Mini patch boxes for high quality RJ45 connections. (STP, UTP)

Multifunktionaler Korpus für Lehrpersonen und Referenten

Multifunctional body for Teacher and speakers for:

  • conference rooms

  • convention center

  • schools

  • universities

Das Infra-Line Edurack ist ein Schutzrack für Notebooks und Tablets

The Edurack is the charging station and protective rack for notebooks and tablets.


Team Schneikel

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