T13 ESTI Permit



Data center power strip and solid aluminum housing equipped with ammeter, T13 PDU with power meter, PDU with power protection circuit breaker (LS), T13 PDU with line filter and / or overvoltage protection.


The 19 "socket strips are in aluminum and polypropylene housings, the end covers are screwed or the strips can be reconnected, and the strips are supplied with a connection cable and usually with a T12 plug.

Due to the design, the socket strips can be mounted vertically and horizontally in the 19 "rack, on the rear panel or on the housing frame of the 19" network cabinet.



Technical specifications:

Rated voltage: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Rated current: 10 A

Rated power: P max. = 2500W

Connection cable: H05VV-F 3G 1.00 mm2, length: 3.0 m

Standards: IEC 60884-1

T13 pdus steckdosenleisten sortiment

T13 - socket insert

The T13 socket inserts are also available individually in the colors black, white and orange and are certified.

FLF frame

In addition to the socket inserts, a FLF frame is also available.