Power strip protects your devices

Have not you wondered whether your electronic devices such as TV, video and stereo system or computer, are adequately protected during thunderstorms?

where are the dangers lurking?

Overvoltages can occur during thunderstorms, but also when consumers are shut down, such as washing machines or heaters. Overvoltages are neither predictable nor preventable. Even if the building is equipped with lightning arresters and the electrical installation complies with standard fuses resp. Circuit breaker has electronic terminals can be destroyed by transient overvoltages. The very short-term overvoltage can, in addition to total functional failure, also temporary malfunctions, failure of individual circuits or cause data loss.


To counteract these dangers and to avoid damage, only effective device protection and thus an overvoltage protection device can help. The requirement is regulated in the standard DIN VDE 0100-443: 2016-10.

Overvoltage surge protection Phoenix Blocktrab


The company Schneikel Electronics offers here a simple and uncomplicated solution: a power strip with integrated overvoltage protection device. A power strip can be plugged into the existing, permanently installed sockets and requires no complex adjustments.

As a specialist in socket strips, we stock a comprehensive range - for the Swiss as well as for the European market. Thanks to the modular design, the number of sockets can be chosen freely. In addition to the integrated overvoltage protection, the strip can also be supplemented with a switch and mains filter.


Cooperation with Phoenix Contact

For us it goes without saying that we rely on the best quality solution. Therefore, we work together with Phoenix Contact for overvoltage protection devices and rely on the BLOCKTRAB universal type 3 overvoltage protection. Phoenix Contact has many years of experience, outstanding expertise and protective equipment to ensure the best possible protection. In addition to the VDE and IEC guidelines, the overvoltage protection also meets the Scandinavian requirements and can therefore be used worldwide in earthed, isolated 230 volt networks.

overvoltage protection 19-inch PDUs with Phoenix Blocktrab

We are happy to help you to find the optimal product for your application.

At www.schneikel.ch/pdu you can see a selection of options for reliably protecting your valuable end devices against damaging influences from the power grid using simple means.