Acoustic-Line Products and Prices

Akustik Serverschrank


19“ Soundproofed office + studio racks 

The 19 "cabinet system with soundproofing for use in office environments, conference rooms, etc.


Up to 70% noise reduction and individual coloring make it possible:

SNOWS SoundEx Racks do not need a separate server room - they can be placed anywhere.

Be it in the office, seminar, conference and training room, doctor's office, law office or laboratory:

SCHNEIKEL SoundEx Racks made of wood with an interior lining made of high-quality, sound-insulating acoustic foam simply eliminate the noise.


Schranksystem mit Schallschutz

The key to this sophisticated combination of noise reduction and optimum ventilation is the interplay between the insulation materials used and the ventilation system. Most IT devices suck in air from the front and blow out the process heat via fans on the back. That's why we use blow-in fans in front of our cabinets and blow out fans in the back and up in the rack. Cool outside air is blown in front of the front-sucking server by means of internal and blowing fans. The resulting process heat is blown outwards by fans in the rear area.


available in: dark oak, light oak, light gray, piano lacquer white, piano lacquer black, matt white, matt black 



• 12U / 600x820x660 mm

• Lockable sight and rear door

• 19 "hole angle front & back

• Durable wheels for transport


19“ Akustikschränke Büro + Studio Rack Weiss
19“ Akustikschränke Büro + Studio Rack  Eiche dunkel
19“ soundproofed racks for office