Your reliable advisor

Your reliable advisor

Why should you use the intelligent rack-mountable PDUs from Schneikel? - They completely adapt to your specifications. - Best performance in their class.

Your expert PDU partner

Your expert PDU partner

Schneikel is a leading supplier of high-quality custom power distribution units (PDUs), in-line meters, automatic network switches (ATS), power dividers and data center environment sensors and IT professionals.



PMU with highly accurate, resettable local electricity meter (IP-expandable)



Our portfolio of power distribution solutions consists of (intelligent) rack-mountable PDUs, inline meters, automatic network switches (ATS) and power splitters. We offer the widest range of bespoke PDU models ranging from Basic, Metered to Highly Intelligent (output monitoring and switchable), three-phase or single-phase, and currents from 10A to 63A.

Residual current monitoring

Residual current monitoring

PROTECTION AGAINST ELECTRIC SHOCK - with our fault current option you can set 4 different limit values.

High-quality power distribution units (PDUs) for servers and data centers

High-quality power distribution units (PDUs) for servers and data centers

Custom 19-inch Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Our solutions help improve SMB performance, productivity, and reliability in small, medium-sized businesses and data centers. They provide important insights to improve energy efficiency in data centers and other locations, help eliminate human error, and work in extreme environments. With monitoring and alarm functions that detect problems before they happen, and physical design components that adapt to the toughest conditions, our solution protects your critical systems under all circumstances.


Our solutions enable you to:


• Avoid downtime due to overload or human errors

• Detecting hot spots or hypothermia

• Optimal balance of loads per rack

• Identify obsolete servers, high power devices, and underutilized capacity

• Compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Power distributor for rack and server

Power distributor for rack and server

Snail power distributions are designed for fail-safe power supply, along with high-accuracy monitoring and control for data center IT equipment.


Optimization and utilization of all available energy to control the operating costs associated with running a data center.

Energy management

Schneikel power distributors provide real-time remote monitoring of current (A), voltage (V), power (kVA, kW) and energy consumption (kWh) with high accuracy, allowing you to trace your available energy, create a trend, analyze it and to recycle.


Choose your control level. You can remotely turn outputs on and off for targeted reboots, or combine the monitoring of the outputs with the circuit to provide comprehensive management of rack performance.


Power distribution and monitoring through the Schneikel PDUs ensure that you have the power you need, wherever you need it, from SMART PIM (input monitoring PDUs), SMART POM (PDUs for output monitoring), and SMART POMS (PDUs for output monitoring and switchable).

Stromverteilungslösungen von Schneikel gewährleisten, dass Rechenzentren und Facility-Manager
Schneikel power distribution solutions ensure that data centers and facility managers:
  • Manage energy resources efficiently

  • Improve staff availability and productivity

  • Optimize capacity planning decisions

  • Save energy

The Technology

IP Zugriff PDUs


Support for HTTP / HTML, SNMP V1,2,3, IP V4 & 6, DHCP, Modbus Over IP,





110-100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45) Environment RJ45 Port Mini USB for firmware update and troubleshooting Daisy-Chain RJ45 IN / OUT

Lightweight and excellent heat dissipation Wide variety of profile colors available Versatile mounting options for mounting in server racks

leading producer

Hochwertige Stromverteiler (PDUs) für Rechenzentren



110-100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45) Environment RJ45 Port Mini USB for firmware update and troubleshooting daisy chain RJ45 IN / OUT


CEE 7/4, UTE CEE 7/5, UK BS + * & *, AS / NZ3112, SEV T13, SEV T23, C13 with / without interlock, C19 with / without interlock UL, VDE and SEV tested sockets Copper conductor rails , avoiding problem points over the entire electrical line


Cascading to monitor and manage up to 4 PDUs with a single IP address



Compact temperature and humidity sensor with 2 digital connections for door-open sensors, water and smoke detectors, air flow and vibration meter




Compliance with the latest UL power circuit. Protection standards VDE approved for European use

High quality hydraulic-magnetic protection holder

Custom made PDUs


Keep in mind these 5 basic steps to help you choose and deploy the appropriate intelligent rack power distribution units for your data center:

  1. Locate the power input point, determine the form factor that best suits the racks (horizontal or vertical), and set the required length of power cord.

  2. Determine the Rack Rack Infrastructure Voltage and Circuits, Phase and Amperage (16 A / 32 A / 63 A, single-phase or three-phase)

  3. Find out how many devices are in the racks, and what type of connectors are used on the devices in the rack, such as: C14, C20 or Schuko to determine the number of PDU outlets and the types and total power required (kW, kVA). Optional: lockable sockets.

  4. Decide whether you want to remotely control the sockets and what level of measurement is required (no measurement per PDU or outlet) and whether a local display is required.

  5. Find out if there is a need for Ethernet (IP) access, color PDUs, or environmental monitoring.


Our PDUs support the strictest security protocols on the market to prevent unauthorized access (256-bit AES encryption, Radius, SNMPv3, user permissions, SSH, SSL, HTTPS).

Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker

Our PDUs are equipped with highly reliable hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers that are not affected by the ambient temperature, and support deceleration curves that are suitable for IT equipment. Our solutions also proactively monitor the status of the switches to prevent downtime due to power outages or overloads.

Energy-efficient interlocking relays

Our PDUs are equipped with energy-efficient bistable latching relays. These relays consume up to 70% less power than alternatives, making powering the sockets safer, and can be configured to maintain power distribution to the rack in the event of PDU failure.

Kwh measurement accuracy

All of our PDUs feature +/- 1% billing precision, allowing accurate distribution of data center spend.

Comprehensive color spectrum

Schneikel PDUs are available in any RAL color. Colored PDUs make it easier to reduce human error, detect feed-in, and reduce the risk of unforeseen downtime.

Safe lockable sockets

Intelligent rack-mountable Schneikel PDUs are equipped with lockable outlets that prevent power cords from being pulled out as a result of human error or vibration.

Option for residual current monitoring (RCM)

By measuring the current that flows in the protective conductor, our fault current monitoring option reduces the risk of electric shock. PDUs equipped with residual current monitoring drastically reduce the burden of regulatory revision.

Option for cascading

To save network interfaces and manage multiple devices from one IP address, we offer the option of cascading up to 8 PDUs with Cat5 / 6 cable.

Environmental Monitoring Devices (EMD)

We optionally supply compact sensors with temperature and humidity measurement and 2 additional digital connections, for example for water, door open, air flow sensors, smoke detectors or vibration meters

Network Protocols

Our PDUs support HTTP (s), SSH, RS-485 (serial), SNMP v1 / v2 / v3, SMTP and Modbus

Breaker trip alarm

Our solutions proactively monitor the status of the circuit breakers (voltage and current monitoring) and send you a notification if a circuit breaker has tripped.

Operating temperature

Schneikel PDUs support a maximum operating temperature of up to 60 degrees Celsius for reliable performance in dense, high-temperature environments.


Interoperability with third party software

If you want to centrally manage all the PDUs in your data center, this is possible. Our solutions provide the option to report the status of rack-level performance and environmental information for a third-party Datacenter Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution, such as Power IQ.