Multifunktionaler Korpus für Lehrpersonen und Referenten



Multifunctional RACK for teachers and speakers:

  • conference rooms

  • conference centers

  • Schools / Schoolrooms

  • universities


The Infra-Line MIP is a multifunctional body for teachers and speakers - space-saving, stable, and easy to use. It offers sophisticated solutions to the complex requirements of a wide variety of teaching-learning arrangements.

Developed in cooperation with the Pedagogical Center Basel-Stadt

Depending on your needs, the monitor, visualizer, audio system, DVD player, computer or notebook can be elegantly integrated in the Infra-Line MIP.

Thanks to an intelligent power strip, the projector is completely switched off from stand-by mode.

The outgoing cables are on the one hand movable and yet protected.

  • Individual hose length

  • Cable strain relief




In this way, the overhead projector and computer space become superfluous in the classroom. The Infra-Line MIP is beyond the teaching situation as a mobile teacher

Workstation conceivable.


Infra-Line MIP detailed description:

  • The Infra-Line MIP offers the flexibility of a flexible monitor that can be tilted down and up with a swivel bracket or swiveled sideways in a generous radius, depending on the classroom, work position or height requirements.

  • A comfortable linoleum-coated work surface offers space for keyboard or laptop and serves, as these are never used at the same time, also as a template surface for the visua-lizer. The size of the table top is freely selectable. (Standard: 90x60cm)

  • The 19 "rack consists of a sturdy steel profile frame in any color (standard RAL 7021 black-gray). Openings at the top and bottom ensure optimum cooling of the device.

  • The rack is equipped with a locking system. Side panels and rear door are provided with a technician key.

  • As standard, a door made of safety glass with swivel handle and three-point lock is used. This allows the rack to be integrated into a locking plan (22mm semi-cylinder).

  • The Infra-Line MIP stands on four lockable, robust and durable castors, which can be used for special applications and larger rubber rollers.

  • On the connection plate, the main switch and a number of other, individually selectable connections (eg audio, video, HDMI, VGA, USB, LAN, etc.) are housed. Turning the main switch also powers the connected projector. Directly under the main switch is a power connection attached.

  • An integrated drawer provides space for accessories (remote controls, writing utensils etc.).

  • With a clear switch, the various sources (visualizer, PC, HDMI, etc.) can be selected by pressing a button.

  • Two trays provide extra space in the rack, such as a PC, audio amplifier, radio receiver, DVD player, set-top box, Apple TV etc.

  • A stainless steel handle keeps the keyboard behind the glass under lock.




Multifunktionaler Korpus für Lehrpersonen und Referenten